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What our clients say…

Modern-day businesses face many and various challenges from a well-being perspective, including the need for staff to manage busy, highly pressured and often target-driven jobs (including working away from their home office) alongside interests and commitments outside work. Stigma still exists around mental ill health. As a society, we don’t tend to know how to take care of our mental health like we do our physical health. This means that people may not know how to support a friend, family member or colleague experiencing a mental health issue, or where to go for support with their own mental health.


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England training courses teach people to spot the signs of mental health issues, offer initial help and guide a person towards support. We don’t teach people to be therapists, but we do teach people to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis – and even potentially reach out to someone before a crisis happens.


Below are some comments from recent clients following their completion of MHFA training.


The Lighthouse Club – Online MHFA Course

– October 2020

  • “Bill was absolutely brilliant, thank you again. The course has been a real eye opener, I’ve learnt more than what I actually thought mental health is, there is so much more to it when it is explained to you in the way that Bill does.”
  • “Bill was an excellent instructor, with some challenging topics he made the group come together as a team and think and talk about different scenarios, this gave a better understanding of things. Great course – well done Bill! Thanks.”
  • “Bill’s knowledge and presentation of the course was excellent, he was a pleasure to learn from and I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Davidsons Homes –  Online Mental Health Aware – October 2020

  • “The course was very informative and gave very useful advice on how to deal with and help both others and
    yourself on issues of mental health.”
  • “The course reinforced my understanding and gave me ideas of how to improve the way I deal with things.”
  • “It was a very useful course, there were some eye opening statistics to make us realise how necessary these
    courses are to everyone. It’s something I would recommend to anyone to encourage awareness and ability to support others in critical scenarios. Thank you Bill for giving us this chance to understand and be more aware of what people are going through and coping with.
  • “I thought the course was very good and Bill Ford was a great instructor..”
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EDF Energy Hinckley Point –  Mental Health Aware Half-Day – September 2020

  • “Although it is a heavy topic very informative and enjoyable. Figures were very surprising in some cases which elevated the cause.”
  • “Very informative – emotive and emotional subject and this came across during delivery. Would recommend course and tutor for future learning.”
  • “Bill was engaging and delivered the training in a way which attendees can relate to.

Davidsons Homes –  Online Mental Health First Aid – July 2020

  • “Although it is a heavy topic to learn about, Bill managed to keep it light, nteresting and a comfortable place to talk. It’s a great course, with the resources being incredibly helpful for my self learning. I definitely feel more confident with helping anyone going forward.”
  • “At the start I was a bit apprehensive, as my knowledge around mental health was limited. It was enlightening and a useful learning experience. The Platform was a really good alternative to a classroom. I enjoyed the blend of workbook, manual and videos within the curriculum. In fact the pre-course work was easy to do at my own convenience. Thank you.”
  • “Bill is very engaging with all participants. Received a lot of feedback from the group regarding Bill’s training, which has all been very positive.
  • “Bill was fantastic! Very clear, understanding, down to earth and approachable. I’ve learned so much from the course, processes and advice that will allow me to assist people in the future. Many thanks.”

Barratt Homes – Online Mental Health First Aid – August 2020

  • “A very good course with a very professional instructor – the supporting workbook and course manual was second to none. Well done Bill Ford.”
  • “Very eye opening and thought provoking. Certainly brings mental health higher up the agenda and has now given me some tools to support people along side my other first aid skills. Thanks Bill.

Midas Group Exeter – Two Day MHFA Course – March 2020

  • “Bill was excellent, the course was well paced and broken up with exercises and role play in suitable periods. The course content landed well with me and the other delegates and was well received.”
  • Well presented and timely. Good number of people on the course and a good mix of interactive / listening / watching / talking time. Enjoyable, knowledgeable and fun! Thank you.

Barratt Homes – Work, Life Balance Webinar July 2020

  • “This webinar was informative and helps you think a little more about the way you tackle your daily routine.  It makes you aware of the importance to have time for yourself and not feel like you have to do everything for everyone.  This was especially relevant in the current situation where people are working from home, juggling work with children and partners at home etc.”
  • “A very worthwhile session.  Really enjoyed it.  Great guy, knew what he was talking about, and made it interesting.  Particularly liked the workbook and the slide at the end re golden nuggets.  I liked the interaction too where you could use chat.”
  • “I found this webinar was really good and I particularly found it useful when they explained that you can’t be good at everything all at once.”

The Lighthouse Club Bristol – Two Day MHFA Course

– January 2020

  • “On a personal note, I would like to thank Bill for totally enlightening me on this course. To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect and it proved very thought provoking. There were many aspects from the course that I can relate to and now have a better understanding that will help me take this forward within my professional and personal life.”
  • “Bill was very good at making us delegates interact with the course and I believe was well equipped to deliver the course. He was thorough and made me feel more confident in not just being a MHFA, but also in that I will be the only MHFA at my company for the foreseeable future. Will definitely be recommending this course and Bill as an instructor as much as I can..”
  • “Overall very enjoyable and insightful course, it has certainly made me think twice about my own Mental well being.”
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EDF Energy Hinckley Point Half-Day Course– March 2020

  • “A good introduction to issues that line managers should be aware of, but historically have ignored.”
  • “Excellent course, well delivered. It has opened my eyes to a wider range of mental health issues and how to help others as well as protecting myself.”
  • “Bill was great – delivered the course in a relaxed manner whilst getting across the importance of Mental Health Awareness.”

MEH Joint Venture Bristol – Two Day MHFA Course

 – October 2019

  • “The two day course was extremely beneficial. I would say these two days have empowered me to be more empathetic and non-judgemental in responding to crisis involving ill mental health. It has also increased my understanding of the many issues associated with this and in turn increased my confidence. The course was delivered by Bill Ford and he was excellent, clearly had a good knowledge of the subject and really made this interesting. I am very happy to have put myself forward for this training and I am certain it will be useful in both my personal and professional life. Thank you..”

The Lighthouse Club Bristol – Two Day MHFA Course

 – November 2019

  • “Bill Ford was such a fantastic Instructor, really engaging!!! the course overall was brilliant and I enjoyed every minute.”
  • “I will be recommending this course to all of my colleagues. Very informative and Bill delivered the course perfectly. Thank you.”
  • “Overall very enjoyable and insightful course, it has certainly made me think twice about my own Mental wellbeing.”

Barratt Homes Aberdeen – Two Day MHFA Course – Sept 2019

  • “Well delivered and really engaging course – great instructors”

The Lighthouse Club Manchester – Two Day MHFA Course

 – September 2019

  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the course from both a professional and personal aspect. Bill is very passionate about Mental Health and the reasons that this should be widely recognised in the workplace (and life in general ) getting across the importance of training. The course was very emotional at times, very real. I will definitely be recommending to others!”
  • “Bill was an excellent instructor and allowed the group time to debate/discuss issues as they arose while still sticking to the schedule. He also included personal examples and encouraged sharing within the group but was also very understanding if people were uncomfortable.There’s a lot of material, difficult at times, to cover and the course materials and videos were extremely high quality. The course was a real eye opener and I will be encouraging more people to take this course. I can’t fault Bill Ford’s delivery of the course.”

The Lighthouse Club S.W.Region – Two Day MHFA Course –  August 2019

  • “An excellent course that has increased my understanding of Mental Health issues and will enable me to deal with any issues faced by apprentices or staff alike.”
  • “Bill was fantastic. The subject of mental health can be a very deep subject. His calm mannerisms and depth of knowledge was evident when discussing the course content. There were several people on the course that had previously had mental health issues, he gave time to listen to their experiences and then tied those experiences in with the course content. Would definitely recommend the course.”
  • “Best course I have ever attended. Bill, the trainer was incredible in every aspect. Gave me confidence to help people in an area I knew very little about. Our group was extremely diverse and a pleasure to work with. Thank you”
  • “Amazing delivery, very interactive & informative… Fabulous group of people with mixed knowledge, attitudes and experiences which made for very active discussions.”

The Lighthouse Club B’ham – Two Day MHFA Course –  September 2019

  • “Really enjoyed the course , learned a great deal and feel confident now in my ability to help people with the skills I have learned . Top quality instructor.”
  • “Very informative and I am now in better place to support my region and store when it concerns mental health. I will be recommending other Wickes Managers to attend this course as it will be really helpful and increase their education on the subject.”
  • “Bill Ford was an excellent trainer and brought his own lived experience into the session which was a huge help. His manner was friendly and he did a great job facilitating the course. I would highly recommend him.”
Crest Nicholson

Crest Nicholson Ltd – Two Day MHFA Course – June 2019

  • “Excellent – so glad I attended.”
  • “Everybody should do this course”
  • “Brilliantly delivered and eye-opening content”
  • “Bill was knowledgeable, open, empathetic and sympathetic. Delivered with a sense of humour. Made quite a “heavy subject” enjoyable – added and allowed personal insight to make it all relevant”
  • “Brilliant course to raise awareness and promote that mental health is both prevalent and treatable.”
  • “Excellent course, well delivered. It has opened my eyes to a wider range of mental health issues and how to help others as well as protecting myself.”

Speedy Services Glasgow – Two Day MHFA Course – July 2019

  • “Bill was absolutely fantastic and let the group discuss their opinions and concerns openly throughout the course.
  • “Bill was great – delivered the course in a relaxed manner whilst getting across the importance of Mental Health Awareness. He was very understanding when subject matter was difficult for some and was very supportive. I would recommend this course to all.”
  • “Very insightful course. Made you think more of your own ‘issues’ and those of others. On a personal note it made me pay more attention to myself.”

Emico Ltd – Two Day MHFA Course – May 2019

  • “Excellently delivered course – enjoyed the group exercises. Not just good for work but for life skills too”
  • “Great 2 days. Excellent course with great content. Good practical advice that instilled confidence – highly recommended”
  • “Excellent course, all participants involved and focussed. Instructor worked well and engaged with the Group throughout. 10 / 10”
  • “Excellent delivery, very engaging. Listened to our stories and questions. Well put together material that was easy to follow. Would recommend”

Bouygues UK Ltd – Two Day MHFA Course – June 2019

  • “Excellent course – delivered extremely well, ensuring all delegates included. Instructor very good and understanding”
  • “Great delivery and knowledge. Relevant content, useful and engaging”