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Workplace Mental Health Training



WMH Training’s aim is to try and improve the awareness of mental ill health within all organisations. Research shows that by training Mental Health First Aid “champions” and improving awareness, organisations can significantly improve the well-being of their workforce. As well as improving the quality of life of their staff, this strategy is proven to have significant financial benefits to companies:-


  • Reduce absenteeism from sickness, reduce staff turnover, reduce “presenteeism”.
  • Build employees’ confidence to have open conversations around mental health and break the stigma
  • Encourage people to access support early when needed, for a faster recovery
  • Empower people with a long term mental health issue or disability to thrive in work
  • Promote a mentally healthy environment, stopping preventable issues and allowing people to thrive and become more productive
  • Embed a long term positive culture across entire organisations, where employees recognise their mental and physical health are supported as equal parts of the whole person


All courses are designed and endorsed by MHFA England. Materials are based on up to date academic research, developed by people with lived experience of mental health issues alongside sector experts. Courses are rigorously piloted before launch, and feedback is regularly reviewed, with guidance and statistics updated as part of our ongoing product development cycle.

One in four people will experience some sort of mental health issue in any given 12-month period. This alone costs businesses in the UK £34 billion PA – let alone the costs to the NHS and wider public sector.


Tragically, some pay the ultimate price – 5,668 people took their own lives in 2016 – just over 15 per day. To put that figure into context, in the same year 1,720 people died in road traffic accidents – just under 5 per day. In other words, in 2016 the number of people who took their own lives was more than 3 times higher than the number who died in car accidents.

Signs To Spot

Adult MHFA courses are designed for the general adult population and teach people how to support friends, family, colleagues and community members. The courses are delivered in a range of community and workplace settings.


Repeated evaluations have evidenced their effectiveness.

You can find a summary of these studies and some are available to download at